black lace 

—An excerpt from a much longer and more personal piece— But I let my guard down, this black lace cloak I use to shield my true emotions, the black lace veil that soaks up my tears, the same black lace elastic that covers my sexuality, the black lace negligé that I used to hypnotize these… Continue reading black lace 



I began my story on the edge. In between a mistake and a marvel. Time never took my hand and led me back from the rocky cliff, either. One or the other has never been my problem. Both was my magic word. Let's do music classes and art conventions, then next weekend it's back to… Continue reading cusp.

Advice to College Graduates Contemplating the Writing Life — Discover

“Waiting. Writing. You decide, until it’s no longer a choice and you are reaching for your laptop, as essential as your inhaler. Quiet yourself and live in words, but try not to hear those other voices, the ones that long to steer you to the path of should.” via Advice to College Graduates Contemplating the Writing… Continue reading Advice to College Graduates Contemplating the Writing Life — Discover

lakes and loneliness (and that’s okay!)

Recently, I went on a camping trip with my family on Lake Whitney near Waco, TX. I say camping, but we really just stayed in an adorable little cabin near the lake. ANYWAY, this happened to be one of the first trips I had taken with just my family, no bringing friends or a significant… Continue reading lakes and loneliness (and that’s okay!)

colorado, mountains, and poems they inspired.

Over Spring Break, my large family and I packed up and drove all the way from Texas to Colorado; adding it up now, we spent about 72 hours in the car (Texas is too big). While this was not the first time I had been in Colorado, it was the first time I was able… Continue reading colorado, mountains, and poems they inspired.