the 1st thing on this site.

As I take the steps in becoming more of a fulfilled human being, I would like for you to follow along. I plan on doing more social things, creating more art, (mostly by using different mediums), and generally experiencing things that I have not done before ( i.e. traveling, trying new foods, talking to strangers). And while I have done a lot in my short life, I know that there is so much more that I am capable of, and this blog/website will allow me to share with others. Enjoy, and don’t be a stranger, because while I do seem very off-putting, I’m sometimes nice.

On this site, I would like to include former papers and stories I have written, along with photographs, poems, drawings, my tattoos, pretty much anything else that I do. While I also plan to be more socially active, I am a bookworm at heart, so you may get a book review every now and then as well. Thanks for stoping by, and I hope that I am able to inspire you in anyway.

p.s. the photo on this post is of me on a volcano. cool, right?




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