I began my story on the edge.
In between
a mistake and a marvel.

Time never took my hand
and led me back from
the rocky cliff, either.

One or the other has
never been my problem.
Both was my magic word.

Let's do music classes and art conventions,
then next weekend
it's back to gym practice. 

But doing both does not feed the soul.

Lost focus and excuses to stay
involved in each take away from 
learning every detail about one subject.

Time still passes, and my toes
hang over the door frame while
my eyes look back.

The in-between is not cute anymore.
Saving and spending.
Knowing and uncharted.

Freelance and 9 to 5.
Artist and manager. 
One true love and never to be claimed. 

To just have one desire
would not make me 
who I am. 

I was born on the cusp. 
Between two astrological 

and to attempt to
justify my being as 
just one thing

would push me over the edge.  


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